Who We Are



People, Products, Customers

• Our people will provide the best service in our industry, providing guidance and sharing their expertise while recognizing the unique nature of each customer.

• Our products will work the way associations and MLSs want and need them to work. Our products will be treated with an accounting mindset. The numbers must always be right and there must always be an audit trail.

• Our customers will work with us to direct the future of the product and the company.

We will always be open to their ideas in a spirit of collaboration.


In the coming years, we see the REALTOR® association and MLS industries experiencing further consolidation and benefiting from further platform integrations. As both member counts and member technology expectations grow, organizations that have partnered with MMSI will be uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities these trends present.

Our Story

MMSI launched in Severna Park, Maryland, in 1985 and has been firmly committed to the real estate industry for 30 years. We built Membership Director on an accounting platform, guaranteeing standard accounting practices and full audit trails. Its platform was created to allow Membership Director to easily adapt and evolve as our customers’ requirements do. This unique approach has allowed our customers to grow and incorporate new technologies as they became available without having to start over from scratch. Our personal service and dedication to our clients is unmatched in our industry and is one of the reasons that our average customer has been with us for over 14 years.